National Film and Sci-Fi Museum
National Film and Sci-Fi Museum

The National Film & Sci-Fi Museum stands as a tribute to the craftsmanship, dedication, and magic behind the world’s most iconic films and TV shows. Their mission is to safeguard these exceptional creations, offering a window into their intricate creation process while honouring the visionaries who reshaped the film industry.

From preserving renowned artifacts to showcasing behind-the-scenes tales, they are committed to sharing these treasures with the public.

Beyond their extensive exhibits, they’ll host captivating presentations, enlightening talks, celebrity appearances, and interactive signings. Themed events, enriching educational initiatives, and immersive corporate experiences will create an environment that appeals to all.

The museum stands as a sanctuary for cinema enthusiastsโ€”a haven where inspiration intertwines with learning. Marvel at unique artefacts and artistry found nowhere else in the world. This grand cathedral devoted to blockbusters is a testament to the profound impact of film and TV. Join them in celebrating the enchanting world of entertainment that has captivated hearts and minds for generations.


34 Secklow Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 3AT





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