Safety Centre (Hazard Alley)
Safety Centre (Hazard Alley)

Safety Centre (Hazard Alley) is a popular educational attraction located in Milton Keynes, which offers a unique and interactive safety learning experience for children and adults alike.

Hazard Alley is designed to be an immersive learning environment that simulates real-life scenarios where potential hazards could occur. Visitors can walk through various exhibits and interactive displays that focus on fire safety, road safety, and personal safety, among other topics. The facility is staffed by trained safety experts who guide visitors through the exhibits and provide valuable insights and tips on how to stay safe in different situations.

Visitors can experience realistic situations, such as a house fire, and learn how to react in such an emergency. There are also exhibits that simulate road accidents, allowing visitors to learn about the importance of wearing seat belts, obeying traffic laws, and being aware of other drivers on the road.

Safety Centre (Hazard Alley) is an ideal destination for schools and educational institutions, as it offers a valuable learning experience that complements the curriculum. It is also a great place for families to visit, as it provides an opportunity for parents and children to learn about safety together.

In conclusion, Safety Centre is an excellent educational attraction that offers a fun and interactive way to learn about safety. With its state-of-the-art simulation technology and knowledgeable staff, visitors can gain valuable insights and skills that can help keep them safe in different situations.


18 Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes MK11 3ES


01908 263009



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