Review: The Comedy Cow (June 24)
Review The Comedy Cow June 24

The Comedy Cow

Last night the Comedy Cow mooved into The Venue MK with another udderly spectacular comedy event.
Running for over eleven years now, The Comedy Cow is the head of the herd for comedy in Milton Keynes. Showcasing numerous acts who we now see on the big screen and tv shows, the team have gone from strength to strength with the calibre of comedy and the crowds they pull in.
The Venue MK is a fantastic theatre for the often sellout shows and last night was no exception.
Review: Daman Bamrah @ The Comedy Cow

Daman Bamrah @ The Comedy Cow

MC’ing was Daman Bamrah, a British Sikh comedian with the accolade of Komedia New Comedy Award Runner Up 2023 to his name.

Daman is a delight who does not hesitate to bring race and culture into the conversation but in such a gentlemanly manner the audience instantly warmed to him.
His personable presence made him an instant hit with the crowd – particularly the front row ! It takes a very special skill to MC an event, you have no idea what the gathering will throw at you but Daman dealt with everything brilliantly. To take a comment, heckle, shoutout and turn it into a comedic and clever response with adept confidence is admirable. And there you have it with Daman. He’s a likeable performer who formed a genuine connection with the audience. oh and he’s really rather funny.
Review: Travis Jay @ The Comedy Cow

Travis Jay @ The Comedy Cow

Act one brought Travis Jay to the stage. Now here’s a dude who can present himself as relaxed and loose, just hangin’ on stage,laidback and chilling, having a chat…..but don’t be fooled.  Travis Jay, comedian, actor, radio presenter and podcaster ( Undefeated boxing podcast ) is a polished act, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year nominee no less.
There were plenty of laughs throughout his set, we got a taste of his home life, his new TV appearance and some comical and droll anecdotes from life including prejudices and assumptions,  But again, he wasn’t accusative, just observational and on point perfectly.
Travis has a genial demeanor and with an upcoming tour, he’s definitely a performer I would go to see for the full show.
Visit for details of his Travisty tour.
Review: Fiona Allen @ The Comedy Cow

Fiona Allen @ The Comedy Cow

Act two and we met Fiona Allen.  A comedy gem from Smack the Pony and appearances in Mock the Week, Waterloo Road and Eastenders, Fiona has now taken to being On The Run, her ‘excuse’ to escape the family and entering the world of stand up. This transition does feel right actually, Fiona delivered a very funny set with relatable subjects such a parental rivalry, passive aggressive yummie mummies and the dreaded school teddy ( pet ) to look after with a ‘fun’ diary. Who hasn’t toyed with that experience making an adult only storyline, but did you get found out? Fiona did and the tale is hilarious. Her clever and crafted tales come across with a couldn’t care less and chaotic attitude and we were nudging each other ‘getting it’. Fiona is sassy and wry, she’s a confident performer and a joy to meet in person. Keep an eye out for her and book tickets!
Review: Paul Sinha @ The Comedy Cowa

Paul Sinha @ The Comedy Cow

Headlining was the absolute sublime Paul Sinha. Best known as one of the Chasers – but with the worst name or so he feels – Paul is a seasoned performer, quizzer, comedian and qualified doctor, oh yes ! He has played in every major comedy club in the UK and won the Chortle Awards Best Club Comedian 2014 as well as many other awards and nominations. Paul is incredibly articulate and artful in his delivery, he’s open and honest about his personal and professional life including his well known health issues. But instead of any melodramatics or self pity, Paul has woven this into his act flawlessly, He tells a very funny joke, has some droll and humorous puns but all are intertwined with life and observation of, making for a formed yet seemingly effortless set. He’s pacey yet structured and you know he cares about the comedy he’s delivering.
His gig is life affirming and positive and pitched perfectly. I’m genuinely in awe of this man and was so lucky to meet him backstage for photographs, indeed he stayed post show to meet and greet the audience and pose for picture galore. Truly, an absolute gentleman.
The Comedy Cow runs regular events and you can visit their website or any social media platform for all the details on upcoming shows. Be quick to book tickets as they are often a complete sellout !


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