Review: The Syndicate at Milton Keynes Theatre
Review: The Syndicate Milton Keynes Theatre June 24

Kay Mellor’s The Syndicate

Based on her hit BBC TV series that entertained millions of viewers over four series, The Syndicate is a new comedy drama by the legendary Kay Mellor, with an all-star cast, starring Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles, Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent and TV favourite, Gaynor Faye, who also directs the show.
“The Syndicate,” is a moving and humorous exploration of the lives of five supermarket employees whose lottery syndicate numbers take the jackpot just as their jobs and livelihoods are under threat. Will a share of £24 million make their dreams come true or turn their lives upside down? Does money really buy happiness?
Without giving too much away, I thought the storyline was very clever and I loved how the audience were taken on a journey through each of the characters’ lives, and how the money impacted each one of them in different ways. It had clever dialogue and well-crafted characters, who bring to life the themes of friendship, love, self-confidence, family, and motherhood. The characters, each with their unique motivations and desires, navigate the complexities that come with newfound wealth, highlighting that money doesn’t always equate to happiness.
The play’s strength lies in its authentic portrayal of Northern working-class life, with a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever dreamed of winning the jackpot! Which I think we have all dreamt of at some point, I have!
The set is simple and cleverly juxtaposes the supermarket setting with the luxurious post-win life, providing a visual representation of the characters’ internal and external transformations.
The cast all delivered strong performances, particularly Brooke Vincent as the ambitious Amy, I absolutely loved her character, she brought sass and humour to the play. Oliver Anthony who played the egotistical and selfish Jamie, was reckless and I was never quite sure what he would do next! He had a few comedy moments, and even though he was selfish, I couldn’t help but like him. His acting was spot on, and he was perfect for this role. This is Oliver Anthony’s stage debut!
For me, it was Emmerdale actor Samantha Giles, who played the character of Denise, a crazy dog lover, kind-hearted but naive cashier, who stole the show! She was brilliant! I could tell the audience really liked her too! Gaynor Faye who plays Kay was also great! It is just a shame we didn’t get to see much of her.
I really enjoyed the drama, and it wasn’t something I was necessarily expecting. Instead of being a happy story about a group who win a lottery syndicate, there’s so much more going on. The Syndicate is a bittersweet comedy drama that explores the complexities of life, relationships, and the impact of sudden wealth. It’s thought-provoking, heartwarming, and well-executed. If you enjoy character-driven stories with a mix of humour and drama, you’ll likely find this play enjoyable.
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Kay Mellor’s The Syndicate is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 1st June 2024.  Tickets are available from £13.00 (+ £3.80 transaction fee), General bookings: 0844 871 7615, Access bookings:0333 009 5399, Group bookings:0207 206 1174 or online.


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